Monday, March 12, 2007


Monday...ugh...and to make it even more a's the Monday after Daylight Savings time where we lost an hour from Saturday to Sunday. This Monday is even more a Monday than that, because my bosses' (the husband and wife team that I work for) are out of town this week. This means I have project managers all up in my stuff when I walk in the door...they have learned to give me my 5 minutes or they will be sorry...and yet, I managed to get them all in order and send them on their way. I felt accomplished. I joyfully announced that it was Monday, although no one batted an eye and everyone did huff and puff...remind me not to EVER be like this. Is God still not in control of the whole universe? Is He any less in control just because you (or I) are feeling out of control? NO! The answer is NO. So, my prophetic self says...GET OVER IT. :) Nicely. I say that nicely. :)

All my girlfriends who I have been partying with all week at the Ultimate Blog Party are tired feet hurt from jogging to so many places and wearing those cute, but uncomfortable shoes...yeah, I am that girl. I may have cute shoes on, but they probably hurt my feet. :) hee hee. Not today, though. I have sandals on. HEY! Did you hear me? I HAVE SANDALS ON!!! I am sure we will get another cold spell before Easter, but today, I have sandals on. Thank you very much!
So, you wanna meet some of my new friends? Oh you just gotta!!!

  1. The Preacher's Wife - now you all know immediately why I like her. Lisa and I have lots in common and she is absolutely beautiful. She just started doing some writing for CWO in the Jehovah Java Cafe, and I just like her style.
  2. Guinevere Meadow - This girl is hysterical!!! I spent hours on her blog catching up on her pregnancy (I have baby fever) and just fell in friendship with her. She is real and talks about raising that sweet thing she refers to as Lancelot. She just justified buying a new dress for Lancelot's christening and I can so remember being like that when Boo was born.
  3. Terri @ In His Hands - Terri is an introvert, so she flourished at this party, where you could stay in your PJ's, if you wanted. She stated how much of an intovert she is like this: "It took me YEARS to gather up the courage to order a pizza because you know, the pizza man might talk back to me. So, this is the perfect party for me." I laughed out loud so much that I cried. I can't imagine ever being that introverted, so we are total opposites.
  4. Lisa-simply His - notice the small s in simply? You know why she said it's a small s? Because the focus is not on her, but on God. We were kindred from the point she said that and that she was a dreamer - dreaming of scrapbooking, writing, and speaking. HELLO??? Those are all things I sit and dream about too!!

I met other pastor's wives, Susan and the above mentioned Preacher's Wife. I met Laurel, who I actually have seen around but never chatted with, and Barbara who share my great love of Mexican food! And so many more...

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and keeps stopping by. It's been such a pleasure getting to know you all.

In Him-



Melanie Lynne Hauser said...

Congrats! I can't wait to send you the book you won at the Ultimate Blog Party - please email me at to tell me where to send it - also, please put in the subject line which book you won!

Guinevere Meadow said...

Hi! Thanks for the free publicity! :)

I agree with your sentiments regarding Mondays. Mondays will forever be Mondays, world without end, amen.

Laurel Wreath said...

Karen it was nice to meet up with you also. Blessings!!!

Mike said...

You have a great list there. I hope they don't mind a visit from a stranger like me.

Have a great weekend.


Lynn Donovan said...

Hi Karen,

A delight to visit here again. I love being part of your life. and.... Monday after DLST always kills me.

See you are a reader of Beth Moore. I was able to see her last weekend. A sweet blessing... Have a fun Friday. Lynn

Sallie said...

Hi Karen -- Still visiting partybloggers sites.. its gonna take a while :-)

God bless,

Terri @ In His Hands said...

I just read my quote and my first thought: I am a freak, aren't I? :)

I just noticed you have a link for First Baptist Duluth---is that Duluth, MN?

I wish I could hire you for our landscaping! I have no idea what anything is that they are putting on our lot, only that everything is expensive!

Have a great weekend, Karen!

Tammy said...

It was so much fun to meet so many new friends last week, wasn't it? I'll have to check the links out you mentioned....Blessings! ~Tammy