Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My Writing

I am sorry that I have been lackluster in my writing this month. I spend numerous hours on the blog each day, just not writing. I have been doing lots of reading on others sites, though. I would like to think that because I haven't written means there isn't much going on, but that's not the case either. There is a lot going on, just most of it I can't mention here, for various reasons. Nothing huge...just life.
In the meantime, we are making plans for the summer already. Have I mentioned that I will be 30 in August?? If you don't me that well, you must find out that I LOVE BIRTHDAYS!! See this, this, and this from last year. I think we are going on a getaway. It won't necessarily be on our birthdays, but it will be near that point in time. I am thrilled! I am praying it all works out.
Speaking of birthdays, my mother-in-law's birthday is Friday. We are going out to their new house on Saturday to celebrate!!
Today and tomorrow will be exciting...I am expecting baby annoucements from two of my girlfriends. They are each going into the hospital today and will most likely have their babies by tomorrow. Both are having boys.
I promise to write more...really!!!

Enjoy Him!

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Kathleen Marie said...

So happy you are posting! You are up on Faith Lifts now! Thank you for submitting!