Monday, March 19, 2007

Where did March go?

It's March 19th!! Where did March go?? Seriously, I think it flew right out the door after February. I know we have two full weeks of March left, but I really felt the first two weeks were a blur. Every day just inches closer to Boo's 3-year birthday in late April. He tells me he is already 3. I say, no, you are going to be 3. He says Oh. "Oh" is his new thing. That along with "I don't know" when he most certainly does know.
We have been slacking in the bedtime routine again...we do good for months and all it takes is about 3-4 nights of not doing it and all of a sudden the kid goes wild. I can pin the exact dates, but it's not really anyone's fault, we can help that revival went till after bedtime, so we are rushing home to get in the bed...
Last night Jeremy and I had a talk with him about the routine and that not obeying it will lead to consequences. He is feeling the effects this AM as he is exhausted. I felt bad though when he cried as I dropped him off. He definitely could have used another hour of sleep and some snuggle time with momma...ahh, the joys of being a working momma. :)
I hope everyone had a nice weekend. I am looking forward to a beautimous week of nice, I need some girlfriend time and we have a playdate planned for Saturday. YIPPIE.
In Him-


Katherine@Raising Five said...

We had this same conversation with our three year old lately. She goes and goes with big brother and sisters, but eventually the fact becomes obvious that she's only three, and needs rest and routine. So hard!

Dori said...


You have a beautiful blog -- one of my favorite designs! I'll check back often. Love what you write. I found you from the Living Proof Blog.


Mike said...

I know what you mean. Why do kids want to be older while parents like to be younger?



Guinevere Meadow said...

I was wondering the same thing about March. Where did it go? In fact, where did January and February go? For me, time stopped November 28th when I gave birth, but the rest of the world kept on going without me. lol!