Monday, March 05, 2007

Since Friday...

Blog Party post #2, see below for #1!
Well, I am overwhelmed about the Blog Party...and you know me, I don't get overwhelmed that many people to meet and see, I just don't think I will be able to hit everyone!! I am trying, but it's over 600 people now...holy cow!
I like telling stories, so if you are here from the Blog Party, sit down, stay a while, and have a Coke - the real thing, you know, from Atlanta!! :) I am going to dote about my son for a minute...

My Boo will be 3 in April. My mom, his grandma, thinks he is a genius (she's not partial or anything) and this just fueled her little fire when I got the notice from the preschool that he would be moving to the 3-year old class in a week. A week, people. I was all emotional, cause it's no secret I want another little one, and now my baby, my big baby, is not a baby, but a big boy, who can write his name, spell it, spell all the other kids' names, says his alphabet, numbers and is learning that 5 and 5 makes 10!!! Oh my word. If he could just get that #2 potty thing down...
I spoke to both of his teachers and they absolutely think it's time and that he needs a family reading this goes...DUH, he's YOU and Jeremy's kid!! Sounds familiar to them. I am the same way with working. I love a challenge. Yes, I can do all the assistant type duties, but if you don't give me a challenge, I will be bored!! I recently had a job opportunity with a minstry. That's my heart. My passion. I want to return to ministry so badly, however, the job was like a step down for me. Now, don't get me wrong, I mustered over it for weeks...going back and forth between the ministry and my current job and I had to tell the people no, I just couldn't do it. There proved no challenge in the job... The Lord gave me a great peace about staying where I am.
So, Boo will be slowly transitioning to his new class all this week...he gets two friends who are coming with him, and he likes both of them, so I pray this is a good fit for him. His two new teachers are very nice, although, he is in love with his current teacher, so pray for that transition if you are reminded.

REVIVAL!!! It's revival at the church! I don't think revival is something planned, so let's say it's a spiritual renewal and awakening. Freshness and newness has been evident in the last few weeks, ever since the beginning of the year...we had the Sacred Assembly just two weeks ago, where we had 24 hour prayer time for 7 days and that was an experience, so this is just like the icing. Life Action Ministries joined us yesterday to lead us for the next few days will Wednesday night. I pray that as they come, the hearts of the people (us) would be open. Open our eyes Lord, we want to see you!

Hope you have a great Monday and a great week!

Soaking Him up!


MiPa said...

What a lovely blog. So glad I found it via the ultimate party. Thanks for participating.

Amydeanne said...

I'm so overwhelmed witht he list as well! I can't believe how well this party has been a hit!

And I know I've been here before. I think through CWO!
My #2 will be 3 in august, and My #1 just turned 4, so I can relate a lot to the happenings of Boo in your life!

~Following the Ultimate Party Trail (I may be slow, but eventually I'll get to the end!)
~Don't forget to check out the party favors at the 160!

Guinevere Meadow said...

This party IS turning out bigger than I expected! Already I've "met" so many great women whose blogs I will continue to read when the party is over. (Yours is one of them!) Congrats for Boo for "graduating" to the 3-year old class!

Lisa Knight said...

The list is crazy! over 100 more today than yesterday! It is soooo much fun!
Glad to meet you! Won't you stop by my party (Sew What's Up). If you haven't already!

Party on!

Mike said...

Hello there. Hopped over from 5 Minutes for Mom. Hope you don’t mind the visit, and future ones.

And Happy Birthday to your Boo.


Tiff said...

The list keeps getting bigger everyday! My little one is two and is getting to be a big boy too. I still have one more that is growing but seeing them transition into bigger and better things makes me tear up.

Karen said...

Hey There!

You are a fellow "Karen"! So nice to find you!! I found your blog through the biggest shindig I have ever been part of - The Ultimate Blog Party. I can't believe that there are over 860 people doing this. Amazing!

I LOVE your blog and will be back to read some of your archives and your current posts. Your little boy is just too adorable! I completely understand the #2 potty thing. I just got my little guy trained about a month before he turned five.


Tammy said...

Hi Karen! I think I was here awhile back, but it must have been awhile! So glad I stopped by again!
Sounds like your baby boy is a bright little guy!
My youngest is turning five next month, and since I'm 44 (yes, I started a wee bit later in life) I don't think I should be having any more this late in the game. But when you know it's your last, it really makes you all gushy inside!

It was so nice reading your last few posts and getting to know your family a bit. What wonderful tributes to your grandfather, who played in the World Series!
Please stop by any time...blessings to you! :)