Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Since last week...

I can't believe it's been a week since I last posted something! That's not like me. I have been busy, although, if I try to recall everything, my head might explode. Not really, but it sounded cool, huh?
I worked only four days last week, since I was off on Friday. A co-worker of mine is off this week, so needless to say, last week we spent trying to wrap up everything for the weekend, and her for this week. Thursday was busy!!!!! I was given a task at 8:30 that morning and had a blonde moment, so didn't find the task information (it was flipped over the side of my tablet) till 4 PM that afternoon, after two meetings, a lot of paperwork later, and guess what...there was no way I was getting the material by Friday AM at 9. In fact, the guy I called to get the material laughed at me. None the less, my boss got someone else to do on Friday and set a delivery for Monday. Does anyone know what the weather was like Monday in Atlanta? Horrible. So, we ended up having to cancel the order....and all because I didn't call them on Thursday. ugh. It all worked out and my boss, well, he called in a blonde moment and told me the breakfast he bought us on Monday morning was brain food. ha.
Enough about work...let's talk about why I was off. Bellsouth Classic, baby! I attended my first golf tournament! I spent the day outside, with my husband, who loves golf, and I, well, I just love Phil. Phil Mickelson that is. I thought I was going to deliver David the day Phil won the Masters...in fact, Jeremy, my mom and our friends thought I was going to deliver as well. As it was, I didn't, but wouldn't that have been a storybook beginning??? No, I don't love Phil enough to name my child that, just in case you were wondering. I just really like him. So, I not only got to see Phil, I saw Harrington, Donald, and Goosen (all playing in a 3 pack Friday), Davis Love III, Sabbatini (he got really ticked on the 3rd hole that day), and Stuart Cink. I watched one guy throw his ball in the water and putter in the bag and attempt to walk up a grueling hill by his lonesome...some golfers, they just can't handle disappointment. Anyway, thanks to Jeremy, we had a great time. Thanks for making my first trip to a tournament a blast...I look forward to enjoying many more with you.
Saturday Jeremy went back to the tournament and me, David and grandma went shopping and to visit some friends. David hasn't been able to see some of his old friends from Atlanta in a while, so we went to the Hinton's and David got to play his little heart out. He learns a lot about sharing there. Grandma bought David some Cookie/Elmo tennis shoes, so that was the highlight of his day. He failed to take a nap that day though, ten minutes in the car is NOT considered a nap. That was okay, since it was Time Change, so it did not kill him to go to bed early.
And the weekend ended nicely, and it was off to work on Monday (bad weather day), but the sun managed to come out and today, just as equally as nice. I love Spring! I have a great view from the little house I work in; the trees are getting their leaves back and I am looking forward to a nice Spring and Summer here.
We are having a little issue at home, we call it the Bedtime Blues. Since it's daylight still at 730, my precious one thinks it must still be time to stay up. It wouldn't be so bad that he waited till 815 to go to bed, but it's the 630 wake up call that he hates. I use the term hates as in "when child screams bloody murder to make you stop taking pj's off to put school clothes on and won't stop until you stop and let him return to bed." Oh, now you want your bed...well, yeah, too bad, it's time to get up and go to school. It's kind of sad really, because I know he just wants to sleep a little later, and we did let him sleep somewhat later, since it's Spring Break, and there is NO TRAFFIC! WOO HOO! Thank goodness for weeks like this. This makes work worthwhile. I can hardly wait for Summer Vacation! But, the bedtime blues are killin me. We are going to start bedtime a little earlier tonight, in hopes of eating dinner before 800. Maybe I should cover his windows in back construction paper...no, wait, that would not be condusive, and the apartment complex probably wouldn't like that. I will let you know how that saga goes. We can't even have our family prayer time without him pitching a fit, since he knows bed is coming next.
Hope you all are having a great week so far!

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