Monday, August 28, 2006

The Birthday Weekend...

I know you all are just dying to know what I did since Thursday, right?? :) HA! I did enjoy some good Mexican food on my birthday, so need I say know I love Mexican, so it's no big surprise we ended up there. hee hee. I did get to sleep in a little on Friday, okay, not really, but it felt like I did. Jeremy was working on Friday, and Boo was trying out his "potential" new school, and so I was off for some girl time. I enjoyed a massage at the best spa place in Atl, and followed that up with some shopping. Now, I must preface to say the shopping was not for me, although I did try on some stuff, but only because my mom made me. :0 Oh, yes, she joined me after the spa treatment and we did lunch together at J.Alexanders. Fabulous place, and my mom says it's her new favorite place. Rock on! The waitress even gave us the recipe for the Orzo and Wild Rice (served cold), although she can't share the amounts, she still told us the ingredients. After that, we endured more shopping, mainly not for me, and walked away with everything we needed from Target. I was satisfied.
I went home, did a few extra things and then picked Boo up from the new "potential" school. He told me how much fun he had and he went potty in the potty TWICE! WOO HOO! He didn't nap though...guess too much excitement! When Jeremy got home, we all went and ate some chicago-style pizza, had ice cream, and then came home. It was great!!!
The next day proved to be packed with three parties, and I managed to hit them all...come on, aren't you impressed???? Two parties is like my maximum!!! We had the twins birthday party, which was absolutely fun and nice to catch up with Michelle and John and see my friend Jae's kids...her hubby brought them since she was out of town. The ultimate catch-up party was my second event, a wedding shower for my friend Debbie. I haven't seen that girl and most of my single friends, and most of my friends from FBA in sooooo long!!! It was so enjoyable! I had a great time catching up and honoring Debbie. The last party was with my Sunday School care group and it was fun too! We got to chat while the kids played and I think Boo and I were exhausted!! :) He hadn't really had a nap in two days and the effects were starting to take place. Jeremy was working on my mom's house all day, and I was sad not to spend the day with him, but when he helps my mom, it ultimately helps us. When he got home, we got caught up on our day and then Sunday, well, it's off to church we go! :) It's been awesome the last two weeks, since we changed to one Sunday School and the blended worship service. My face is warm when I leave there from visiting the Lord and the people we call family.
It was a great birthday weekend. Thank you Lord!

In Christ-

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