Monday, August 21, 2006

It's Birthday WEEK!!

It's my birthday week! It's my birthday week! (Picture dancing and raising hands in the air. Got the image? Okay! :))
We celebrated Jeremy's birthday this past weekend...pretty much all weekend. I mean, you only turn 30 once ya know! hee hee. Friday night we went to a Japanese Steak House with his parents. David enjoyed the guy cooking in front of us and even scarfed his tempura chicken! I was in amazement. We headed to the mall after that and shopped a little, and a good time was had by all, I must say. David was all about Nana and Papa and insisted on holding both their hands while walking in the mall. It was adorable.
Saturday we headed to a local favorite in Cumming, called the Biscuit Barn. It's a fabulous place for breakfast and I hear their lunch isnt' bad either. :) My female boss...her niece owns the place, and I gotta say, the biscuits are the best! Jeremy then enjoyed a little fun at the PGA Superstore with his friend Anthony and then we had dinner with some friends at Up the Creek, where you get a free meal on your birthday! WOO HOO! He said he had a great weekend and I believe it. Sunday was a busy one, with the church moving to one Sunday School hour and adding a service at 8:30, plus Discipleship classes started and that means work work work for Jeremy. He still enjoyed the day with some friends and our class was great that night. So, the birthday weekend is over for Jeremy...and NOW, it's All About Me! :) Wha? It's not all about me? No, seriously, it really isn't all about's about the Lord. You know what? My dad called to wish Jeremy a happy birthday and didn't even want to chat with me. What is that all about?? Just teasing (dad, really, I am teasing!)...he can call me on my my actual day. :)
Hey, does anyone know what I am going to write about for my Thursday Thirteen this week? Um, I'll give you 3 guesses and the first two don't count. :) HA!
August is slowly coming to an end, and I gotta say, I am kind of glad. This month was packed with things, a great deal of them happening this week and next, and I will be glad when September hits. Although, at my staff meeting this morning, my boss proceeded to tell us about 14 jobs we are going to bid between now and October 10th. huh? My eyes glazed over. I don't do the bidding, but none the less, it's the paperwork. That's all good though. Bidding jobs mean we normally get a percentage of those jobs, which equals money in the bank and hopefully money in my bank account/pocket. :)
So, what's new with all y'all???

In Him-

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Beckie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And many, many blessings to you!

Jeana said...

Happy birthday, Karen! I wanted to ask you about a comment you left on my blog, but I don't see an e-mail address. Would you e-mail me? Or would you rather I just ask it here?

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday
have a lovely day
Jen at