Monday, August 07, 2006

Summer Pictures

Today was David's first day in his new class! It wasn't a typical first day of school, so to speak, but he was really excited to see his new class and his old friends. Two of his friends moved up to the 2 year old class a few months back, so he was excited to move up to be with them all the time. I think he really likes his school! :)
So, is the summer over? Not really, but I thought it would be nice to post some summer pics. We had a lot happen since the beginning of June...
David got a BIG BOY Haircut! I will state on the record that I was not pleased, however, it's growing out, so it's growing on me.

He honestly looks like he's 3 to me!
Next, he got a BIG BOY Bed!

Since he loves Bob the Builder, he had to help put it together! We got the bed from IKEA and he has some special sheets on it from his favorite Train.

Next, we took Swim Lessons! Two weeks, Monday through Thursday in the evening. It was a blast and he was so excited! He did a great job! Jeremy went a few times and I went the rest. The last day we got to go outside to the big wave pool and slide! He LOVED IT!

His teacher was Miss Denise and at first he wasn't too sure about swimming with her, but by the end, he would go to her and show her all his moves. She gave out his certificate at the end and he gave her the biggest smoochie I have ever seen! He knocked her over on her bottom! It was hilarious.

David's Papaw bought him a doo-rag! A Harley doo-rag at that. He was unsure of it at first, but then put it on for a few pictures. With less hair, he looks so cuteness!

And last, but not least, David found that taking the Lego bucket and putting it on his head was sometimes more fun than playing with the Legos. Jeremy and I have probably built more Bob cities than we ever thought we would this summer...

That's our summer in a nut shell.
David had a great one and we celebrated our 5 year Anniversary and will celebrate Birthdays in a few weeks!
Hope the Lord has blessed you this summer and given you an opportunity to know Him more.

In Love-


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