Thursday, August 10, 2006


To my TT'ers...I am sorry, but I have elected not to post a Thursday Thirteen today. I really wanted to, but I knew I wouldn't have enough time to visit you all before I left on my trip, and I wouldn't be able to get comments back to you until Monday...I didn't think that was fair to you. I must admit, I am a little disappointed in the TT lately...I seem to visit many more people that don't return the visit. Although, that's a very selfish thought, it is starting to bother me. So, because I feel that I cannot be the timely one in return visits, I am not doing one this week...fear not, though, I will return. Just a heads up...two weeks from today is my birthday, so you can expect a BIG HUGE TT for that special day!!! Mark your calendars NOW! :) hee hee
Jeremy drove me to work this morning, since we are leaving from the office around lunch time. We dropped Boo off at school, whom, by the way, seems to be in a little mood. My gut tells me it's because momma is leaving for a few days. He saw me packing some stuff last night and had a breakdown, since he wanted to go to the beach too. He got his towel out and put his sandals on...all while being in his pj's! I assured him I would take him on a vacation next month, but boy was it tough this morning too. First, he got up at 5:30! And when we dropped him off at school, he had a slight meltdown. sigh. I am okay, I know he will be okay and that's the important thing. I warned his teacher that he will be exhausted by lunch.
My boys are headed to the Braves game tomorrow night! My grandfather will be in town and they will go down and see him. I hope Pepa enjoys it too...seeing the little man and all. I know Boo will love being there! He loves Jeff Francouer and Andrew Jones! :)
Happy Birthday to my father-in-law, and Boo's Papa and Happy Birthday to my sweet niece Maegan. Love you both!

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Anonymous said...

Well I'll be back to see what your next TT is. I really try to make the rounds, and sometimes I miss people. Plus I've only been doing it for 4 weeks so I'm still learning the ropes LOL

janice said...

i try so hard to always visit everyone. this week i am still catching up on my WW visitors because i was out of town this week. my tt visitors were much fewer and so i have visited all of them already.

i have been away so much, i am so behind on my blog visiting in general. i just dropped in today to say hi since i haven't been around lately.