Wednesday, August 02, 2006

My Little Worshipper

David is very into music, and not just any type of music. He likes the Passion stuff. Chris Tomlin, Matt Redmon, Dave's just awesome watching him learn new songs! His favorite is Majesty. I have highlighted it on my blog before and how he raises his little hands to worship our Lord. He now knows the words! He sings the whole chorus: Majesty. Majesty. Your grace has found me just as I am. Empty-handed but alive in your hands. Singing Majesty. Majesty. Forever I am changed by Your love. I love that song, since it's how I named my blog, but I love it even more that we can enjoy the song together. If you skip down two songs on the CD, Matt Redmon sings "Whole World in His Hands", but this ain't your grandmother's rendition, and David does this little hand motion to show that God has the whole world in His hands! It's soooo cuteness!!! This morning he wanted to go back to Majesty, but I asked him if we could try another song...he agreed. I skipped it to the first song on that's There is No One Like You by Dave Crowder. I am telling you, I think the guy behind us thought David and I were rockin' out! We were waiving our hands in the air and when we arrived at school David asked me if we could listen to that song on the way home today. I said "of course!!!!" I told him that song says that there is NO ONE like God. He agreed with a "Yeah, no one like GOD!" very enthusiastically.
I am excited to see the Lord using music in David's life. That boy was made for loving music...after all, he got it from his momma, who got it from her daddy! Most importantly, we got it from the Lord.

In Christ-

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Nicole said...

That's so awesome. The Passion group is good. I went to Passion 06. It was amazing. My favorite is Chris Tomlin. Matt Redman and David Crowder are good too.