Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Countdown Begins

Ahh, the countdown till vacation has officially begun. My dad called yesterday to let us know the count was 19 days. WaaaHooo! He sounds excited, Boo is excited, Mom and I are set - yep, sounds like a great vacation. It will be weird not having Jeremy there, but being on vacation will keep me side tracked. It's the week before vacation that will be all hairy and weird, really. The week I have to get up and get Boo up and get out the door on time...normally Jeremy takes care of getting him dressed and set with breakfast. I am up for the task though and hopefully I will have lots of friends who want to spend time with me in the evenings. :) hee hee.
So, we have just a over a week till Jeremy leaves for Africa and just over 2 weeks till we leave for Florida! Hip Hip Hooray!

I hope that everyone had a nice extended weekend...I know I enjoyed it. Although, my mind is in 100 different places most days, so I am having a hard time concentrating on work and actually following through with tasks. It's kind of annoying for this type A girl at work. And I could be mid thought on something and completely forget where I was. I am hoping some time away will do me some good...although I do have to come back. However, Change is coming, Praise the Lord!


Jen said...

pleased you had a good weekend
roll on the next 19 days

Rebecca said...

Hey Karen! Good to read about you guys today :) I had forgotten all about your blog!

Hope all is well. E-mail me some time!

Love, Becca