Monday, May 07, 2007

It's Monday!

Don't get me wrong...the exclamation point up top is not in an excitement tone. Well, I mean it is, in the fact that it's a new day, the Lord made it, the sun came up, and oh my word, did you catch a glimpse of the awesome-ness of Him this morning? He painted the sky...again. (That's was Boo's comment). Yes, He certainly did.
So, it's Monday. I am a little sad this morning because my co-worker, M, is leaving. Her last day is tomorrow. She has been with this company for almost 9 years. She started out as the receptionist and worked up and will be leaving a vital hole in the Maintenance area. I am sad for several reasons...I am going to miss her. I have only spent the last 16 months with her, but I have grown to love her as a good friend and as a sister in Christ...which reminds me, I need to get her something tonight. I am not so much sad as I am sick in the other area - workload. I have been very kind and sweet about the load, but I just cannot take on anything else. I am pretty sure I have made that clear, so I am hopeful it will be addressed in the staff meeting today. Let's be clear...I am not holding my breath. These people don't like to address much...

On a much lighter note...we finished up Boo celebrating his third birthday by partying it up at his favorite local chicken joint (Eat More Chicken!). His little friends came and they all had a great time. Much chicken, fries, cake and ice cream later, we sent them all home with full stomach's and on a sugar high. It was awesome.
We are now trying to get back to some normalcy, although on the forefront of my mind is the fact that Jeremy leaves for Africa in a month and then Boo and I, along with Grandma head on vacation for a few days. Boo told me just yesterday that we need a countdown. He's right, we are within the guidelines of a countdown - less than 6 weeks. (If you ever had a doubt, you know for sure now, he's definitely my child. I love countdowns!!)

There you have it. It's Monday. I pray you enjoy your day. It's stinkin' gorgeous here in Georgia!



Guinevere Meadow said...

Mondays can be rough sometimes. Although, ever since my little guy was born, days of the week have no meaning anymore. Not even weekends. *Sigh.* He wakes up early every day, which used to bother me, but now I get to see God paint the sky every morning, which is incredible! We get to listen to the birds say "hello" to each other and watch the world come alive. Never mind that it's Monday. It's simply the day that the Lord has made.

The Preacher's Wife said...

Can it be anything BUT beautiful in Georgia?? Go DAWGS! :)

Mindy said...

HI. I got to you through the Preacher's Wife.
I just have to say that my sister attends a church in Alpharetta.....It is Stonecrest I think. Do you know it?
good to meet ya! =)
In HIM -
and ps - I'm a pastor's wife too