Friday, May 18, 2007

Making Memories

Today was all about making memories. It's these kinds of memories you want him to think about years from now and look back and say, "Remember when..."

We all ventured to the golf tournament today! Boo was originally supposed to go to school while Jeremy and I went. After thinking about it, we knew he would probably just love it there, so we decided to take him with us...taking the chance that if he so even sneezed at the wrong time, we could possibly be kicked out of the tournament! :)

We parked, rode the bus to the country club, which turned out to be an adventure in itself. I mean, the kid loves anything that's different and new to him, so riding a huge bus was like, awesome! We get there, walk to the 18th green and watch a few batch of players come through. Then we walked back to the 17th, since their green is great for spectators. We told Boo the rules - when they put the signs up (Hush, Y'all) you have to be quiet. He did pretty good, and learned to say "In the Hole! In the Hole!" really loud after the guys putt the ball. It was classic. Some of the players liked it so much they gave their golf balls to him after they, that's classic. He was so tickled and excited and it seemed to make the players excited too. One guy even stopped us hours later to ask us if he still had the ball...of course! He loves golf! So, that's our family today, making memories for a lifetime.



UKZoe said...

My boys didn't start playing golf until last year (they're now 12 and 15), and neither hubby nor I play, so they don't get to get out on the course much. Hopefully my dad is taking them out next week.

Guinevere Meadow said...

Sounds like Boo had a lot of fun!