Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Birthday Party(ies)

David got two birthday parties, not because he was turning two, but because I love parties! No, seriously, he had one at school on his actual birthday and then had a big one at our house later that weekend. Here he is eating the cupcakes I made. (Karen, homemaker. :))
Grandpa and Cheryl came to visit! David loves them...and if you think David looks like me (his momma), then he must look like his grandpa. :) He got a big Tonka truck from grandpa! Included was an orange hard hat with his name on it...he looked like, hm, Bob the Builder?

There he is, enjoying that Bob the Builder cake and ice cream. He is 2!!!!!!!!!
I got a ton of pictures of all the kids that were was incredible. I think whad like 10 kids here! It was nuts, but so awesome. David got lots of great gifts and he loves it all. He didn't sleep the first two nights, thinking of Bob and Thomas. :) All of his friends were such good kids and we got 8 little bottoms around the picnic table he got for his birthday last year! (Thanks Aunt She-She and Uncle Apple Juice "Bruce")
He made his Aunt Laura and Uncle Tim read to him, more than once, and even got to love on his cousin, Andrew. Also, he thinks his Aunt Katie rules...she got this cool dump truck for him...I love her!
The party was great, I was tired, but got some rest, and all in all...I think we are going to McDonald's next year. :) Hamburgers and Chicken Nuggets for EVERYONE! YIPPIE! (Crowd goes wild!) Can you imagine 10 3-year olds at your house? I think not.

David is 2 and growing well (according to his 2 yr well checkup) and tells me something new each day. God has given me this gift in the form of a child, and for that I am grateful, on my knees, grateful. I get this awesome task of telling him about Jesus, what's truly important in life, and helping him grow into the man God wants him to be. Thank you God...I won't ever fully understand why you chose me, but I am so joyful that you did.

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Mandy said...

Happy Happy Happy Belated Birthday!!!! I love kid birthday parties - I want to be a kid again and have the fun parties they have! :) Plan to come down in September, we're having a huge bubble party for Emma Grace's 3rd birthday (& her friend Caleb (2nd birthday) cuz their birthdays are together and we invite the same folks so we're combining it!) Tons of bubbles, a bounce house...cake, icecream, hotdogs! What fun! Yes, it's 4.5 months away and I'm already planning, I told ya...I love kid parties! Sarah Beth's party is 9 months away and I've already started playing with ideas...but we'll have to let her personality develop a little more before I get too definitive on that!
Love you!