Wednesday, May 24, 2006

David's Eye

Yesterday we had David's second eye procedure and he came through it with flying colors. We had an 11:15 start time, and do you know that he didn't once ask for a fruit bar (his traditional breakfast)! Jeremy and I were amazed. He slept in, woke up in time to have a drink before the cut off time, and then was a dream baby before his procedure.
They gave him the anesthesia and an IV with pain medicine, since this procedure is a little more painful, although not bad. He had some minor bleeding from his nose and eye, and some from where the IV was, but all in all, it was good. He did wonderfully! He ate a great lunch, napped good and then slept all night.
If you know, we have recently had issues with him sleeping all night, so for Jeremy and I it was a peaceful one and we were so grateful.
He woke up chipper and ready to head off to school to see his friends...I know he missed them!
We rewarded his exceptional behavior with a milkshake from Sonic...his new favorite thing!

For those who were praying with us, thank you so much!
His eye already looks so much clearer and we are praying that continues.

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