Monday, May 22, 2006

New-ness (is that even a word?)

Thank goodness for a new week! Last week was busy. Horribly busy at work...just non-stop phone ringing, non-stop people having issues and lots of griping. :) I was discussing with a co-worker this morning about how we had enough Mondays last week to last us a whole month, so today has got to be better than last week. So far so good, but ya know, people in the next time zone are arriving at, who can really tell. I am glad to have the last week behind us and always grateful for the learning experience.
So, the weekend was great! David enjoyed a friend's Wiggles party and the two of us enjoyed looking at big boy beds together (nope, still haven't bought one...) and we also enjoyed playing in the park in Duluth Saturday afternoon. Jeremy took it easy since he wasn't feeling all that great and then was preparing to preach on Sunday at our friend's church in North Georgia. Grandma came on Sunday to take David and I to church and spend time with us...we had lots of fun, and Daddy went preaching. He said it was great and enjoyed it. (I knew he would....)
After church on Sunday I took dinner to friends of ours who recently had a baby...more new-ness... It's so awesome to see new mommies and daddies with their little blessing and nice to chat about all things little one. I was reminded of those first days and weeks with David as I was talking with them. They say you forget the bad stuff...yeah, you do, and you most definately treasure the great stuff.
Last night I joined in the first of six prayer meetings that we will have on Sunday nights. This is a "new" time in our church, and we need to gather together to pray for salvation, confession, and the life of our church. I went without Jeremy being there, so that was a huge step for me. It was an incredible time. The life, dynamics and structure of our church have been changing over the last few years and if we are going to be a church that is meeting the needs of the community, we need to be praying and asking God to open those doors and to show us His Will...His Ways...His Purposes, and adopt them in our lives. This is EXCITING!!!!!!! It's an exciting time in the life of this church. As we worshipped yesterday and the pastor gave his message, it was different. The music, the song, the words...they were moving. Moving people to worship the Lord. Moving them to an uncomfortable state. Moving them to prayerfully make decisions and choices that are beyond themselves.
Father, I pray that as we look to hear Your heart and Your desires, that You would grant the staff wisdom. Wisdom beyond themselves and take away all the hindrances the sit in front of them. Wipe the slate with Your merciful hand and call out those who need to find their first Love again; that is You, oh Jesus.
Give us passion for Your name...and Yours only.
In His Hands...

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