Thursday, May 11, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Karen

1...In July I will have been married 5 years to the man God gifted me with. Thank you Lord!

2...Last month we celebrated our son turning two and all that comes with that! Big boys toys, big boy bed (in a few weeks), big boy talks, big boy potty.

3...I like birthdays a LOT! This year that sweet husband of mine turns 30! Sounds like a celebration to me!

4...I like baseball A LOT! It's my all-time favorite sport, although I don't play it or softball. My sweet husband new so much about me that on our first date he took me to a baseball game! That was incredible and it's still the ultimate date.

5...My grandfather played baseball professionally in the 50' you think that's why I love baseball so much?

6...Girlfriends...every girl needs good girlfriends. The ones she can call when she is awake with a 4-day old who has their days and nights mixed up. The ones she can call when she is scared about having a c-section. The ones who help her breastfeed when no one else can. The ones she can call when she thinks she's having a meltdown and needs time away, particularly from the crying child. The ones who call her to ask her for advice on what to do with their screaming child! I have good, last-a-lifetime, get-in-your-face, loving, honest girlfriends.

7...My parents are divorced and are nice to each other. More than nice, really, they are sweet. It was weird at first, but now it's great.

8...I have a secret craving for cheesecake every month, but have never told anyone till now.

9...When my husband is away on a trip, which isn't very often, I sleep on his side of the bed.

10...I work outside the home. There are days I like it. There are days I don't, but none the less, I go to work. I like my co-workers, even if they do things differently than I. I contemplate my hard work, but every week when I get paid, I think, yep, that's why I go to work!

11...I am learning all about trees, plants and flowers at my job, so maybe one day when the Lord grants me a house or a place to plant and grow things, I might know a little something, other than how to kill it all. :)

12...I like to sing a lot! I sing in the car, shower, actually, I sing wherever. I make up silly songs with my son and my husband, but the most important singing I do is to the Lord.

13...It's my dad's number, 13. I feel it's luck changing with Thirteen Thursdays!

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Lifecruiser said...

Pleased to meet you :-) You have a good writing style. I really like this T13.

You're most welcome to pop in at mine too :-)

Lifecruiser said...

Ooops, just saw that you have been to mine and left a nice comment too.

See you next week :-)

Lauren said...

Well, great list and thanks for visiting my TT at

eph2810 said...

What a wonderful T13. Yeah, working away from home is a challenge sometimes, especially in the 'world'. I had to relearn that after working for a church for the past 6 years - my ears are not use to the language.
Thank you for visiting my T13 :)

kristarella said...

Good things!

I hate sleeping on the wrong side of the bed! I think if I miss hubby when he's away I snuggle with one of his sweaters.

TLC said...

I agree good girlfriends are a necessity!

My T13 is up.