Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Weekend

Jeremy and I left the baby with the grandparents and off to the mountains we headed. Jeremy's parents were the beneficiaries of David's love and excitement this weekend, and oh, David loves their doggie Bonnie. She is a sweet doggie with a big kisser. So, David always tells me, "no lickin', nonnie." It's cute. They taught him to tell her Time Out (and the hand motions that go with it) and that means Bonnie can't lick or kiss him when he is getting his diaper changed. :) HA! I have never laughed so hard watching him do that and they got the biggest giggles out of that. David was, of course, no trouble, goes to bed at a somewhat decent time, sleeps an hour later than normal, and never has a melt down for them...it's us, it's just me and Jeremy. It's obvious children are better when mom and dad aren't around, because let's face it, we are boring. :) Not really, I don't consider myself boring, but David probably gets tired of all the mundane-ness of mommy and daddy. So, for all those people out there who feel guilty leaving their child with others while taking a nice weekend away with your spouse, don't feel the least bit guilty. For all those working moms who feel even more guilty, after working a long week, and then leaving their child, don't feel the lest bit guilty about that either. If I have learned only one thing in our just-short-of-5 years being married, it's this...
Invest in Your Marriage!
When you do that, you are giving your child(ren) the second greatest gift from the Lord; salvation being the first.
We weren't alone at our mountain getaway this weekend...we were with several other couples for a retreat. I had the incredible opportunity to spend time with those that I do not normally get chunks of time with. It was priceless, honestly. We watched a video series from John Piper and it was awesome, and eye-opening, and full of thoughts. It's called When I Don't Desire God: How to Fight for Joy. I would love to list out the 800 verses he gave us, but you can buy the DVD for a price that beats me sitting here typing them all in. :) Jeremy and I came away with some good thoughts and ideas. We had some couple time to discuss some questions that the leaders gave us and I can say for the first time since we have been married, we felt comfortable in our skin to answer them. We have had this one thing that when we argue and disagree and then are made to answer questions, it always comes up...this underlying tone in where we are in our marriage. Well, at the beginning of this year, we made some changes, and really feel the Lord using our diligence in a mighty way. I take comfort in the choices we have made and are making for the betterment of our family; the three of us.
So, back to the DVD and the topic of fighting for joy. I think a lot of Christians are familiar with being joyful in a circumstance, but these sessions dive in deeper (come on, it's Piper!) to really fighting for the joy, displaying His glory, fighting to see Christ in yourself and in others. Kudos to the Conner's for working so hard to put it all together...your love of the Savior is evident. Thanks for your years of service to the young marrieds. I pray for all the couples in that class that they may see God's work and be active in it. I love them!
So, we get back from the weekend and I think David grew 3 more inches and is talking even more. He says combo sentences that make me giggle like crazy and that kid made me dance on Monday night, even though I felt sick and had a huge headache. His sit and spin makes music (thanks Grandma) and he just likes pushing the button for the music and then dancing like a crazy noodle. My favorite part? When his daddy dances with him and I watch. Oh, it's a sight!

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Mandy said...

We have that stinkin' sit & spin too! Ours has an on/off button on the bottom...but she knows about it too. Ugh. *grin*
Gotta love ya some Piper! :)