Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Weekend

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Memorial Day weekend. I was so busy I didn't have time to BLOG! :) HA! The weekend was great, a little hot, but ya know, it's practically summer! I mean, Memorial Day is the un-official beginning of summer...
Jeremy and I did lots of reminiscing this weekend...I am sure we hadn't planned on it, but it was still absolutely fun! Friday night was low key as we got some stuff done around the house, but once Saturday hit, it was off we go...
I have been trying to use up a gift card since Christmas and finally decided it was time. I also had a $10 card from Target, so those combined meant I was coming home with something pretty decent, as long as I found it at Target. :) David and I dropped Jeremy off at the golf superstore and David and I headed to Target. He graciously let me try on clothes, kindly eating his pretzels and telling me how "cutie" I was...we have created a monster by telling him how "cutie" he looks. But, now he tells me and Jeremy that, so it's absolutely funny! Anyway, I found a pair of dressy capri's and I got David a Braves outfit. We also had to buy a wedding present, which leads me into Saturday night...
We got a babysitter and attended the wedding celebration for Jason and Amy. It was a beautiful ceremony and the celebration afterwards was incredible. The food was so yummy and we had great company at our table. We danced...and all the ministers had to dance to the YMCA...that was a sight and even the deacons were gettin' their groove on. It was awesome and Jeremy and I reminisced greatly about our own wedding and marriage. I really would get married all over again, with the same dress, same set-up (maybe in the chapel...), either way, there isn't much I would change; unless of course, someone gave me like millions of dollars, then I might change a few things! :) HA!
Sunday we had church AM in which the choir sang a beautiful song and then Sunday PM we spent at our second of six prayer meetings on the unity and vision for our church. Good stuff and lots to think and pray about over the next few weeks.
Monday involved us sleeping in!!!! WOO HOO! David slept till 8AM! It's a good thing, since we headed to the Braves game at 1:00! That boy managed to stay awake for 12 hours with no nap...I am not sure if that's impressive or dangerous. Those last few hours he ran on adrenaline, for serious (That was for you Eric!). We had a great time at the game...David ran on SkyField and loved it and although it was hot, we managed to keep somewhat cool.
So, it's Tuesday. Back to work today... David and I took a field trip to the Public Utilities for our county since I had some paperwork to drop off there for work, so we both got to sleep in a little and then have some time together before I dropped him at school.
OH MY GOODNESS! I completely forgot the greatest part about the weekend. If you are still reading (my big fans), I got my haircut on Friday night. For those who have not walked this road with me, it's been 7 months since I last had my haircut. I went through losing most of it right after surgery (gallbladder) and it's been slow growing back. Friday night I was finally tired of it. So, I called and got an appointment with a girl who has NEVER cut my hair and I took a chance on her. She did great and brought my naturally curly hair back to LIFE! YEAH! I have so missed my curls. I was so very fond of them for so long and then they were gone, but now their back, and that was another thing we reminisced about this weekend. Also, we used to take Memorial Day Retreats to Sandestin and we were thinking about all the singles that were there enjoying themselves, and how we miss going there. Maybe Jeremy will take me there for my birthday next year...the small, yet BIG one.
I hope you had a great weekend and thought about the people who lost their lives fighting for our freedom. Sunday morning was the most beautiful and moving song with vived pictures of our military serving and defending our nation.
God Bless-


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