Monday, May 15, 2006

Mommy's Weekend...

Mommy's weekend rocked! This was my third Mommy's Day, since David was 12 days old the first year. (I was the mom with the youngest baby!) And yes, you better believe I dressed him all up and brought him to church. I was still n the recovering phase from that C-section, but who cares...he was just too cute not to want to show off on my day. :) This mommy's day was cool...David was kind of all about me this weekend, and he is normally all about daddy, so I was trying to enjoy the fact that he wanted me to do everything for him. We had our second sleepover as a big huge crack of thunder and lightning scared him enough not to go back to sleep Saturday night. He ended up in the bed with us and I managed to sneak out to the couch. It's really not as bad as it was all good. Although, I am wondering how in the world we will ever get him back to sleep when he has his big boy bed. I am prolonging that for as long as I can.
We spent time with my mom (aka Grandma!) on Saturday and had a nice lunch together. On Sunday, David and Jeremy came to give me my present-a gift certificate to the Spa! Oh yeah! I need a massage desperatly. My boys are awesome! We had a nice lunch Sunday and managed to get in a restaurant on Sunday night. It was enjoyable and it ranks high on the best weekends list for me! I hope that every mom out there enjoyed her Mommy's Day!
It's back to work today and I must admit, although my head is stuffed up, I am quite pleasant today. I have a ton of work to get done, but nothing I can't handle and knock out in a few least, I think. :) I have been at this job for 5 months now and just when I think "I can handle this", they throw me for a loop. I love the people I work with though, they are wonderful believers in the Lord, so it's awesome to be surrounded by that while doing my job.
Only a few more weeks till school is out in the area, and I will be loving that because traffic will die down. YIPPIE! It will take us less time to get to school and work and I will be using that time for the better...spending it with my boys.
I signed David up for swim lessons! I am so excited! It's a Parent Assisted class for two weeks and he is going to love it. I have already taken him once to the pool this year and he wants to sit on the side and jump's hilarious. He could do it for hours.
Well, it's time to start the day. I pray you have started it with Jesus.
Much love.

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Kristie said...

Swim lessons with the little ones. Enjoy. Still have good memories of those times with the first.