Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Christian Working Mom

I am blessed to have been interviewed by Kimberly Chastain of Christian Working Mom for the May newsletter. I am so thankful for the opportunity to be interviewed by her and if you would like to read the article you can click HERE.
When the Lord lead me back to work in January, I had no idea the doors he would open to meet and chat with other Christian working moms. I could count on one hand how many of my girlfriends that worked full time and raised their children. Most all of my friends either stay at home or work part-time...so this was a new place that God was leading me into. I was scared and nervous that I would lose so many friends, not because I had chosen to return to work (or that God had chosen me to return to work) but that because of the lack of time to get together, it would push us further and further apart. I can say it has not been easy, but my friends have been tremendous in going out of their way to make time with me...I love them so much!
To God be the Glory!

In Christ-

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