Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Days Off

At this juncture in my life, I work outside of our home. I pray this is not always the case, but the Lord did not promise me it would or wouldn't be, so till the seasons of life change, I do what He calls me to. So, when I get a day off, it's a joy. I work at a pretty flexible place. My office does go on and work when I am not there, and occasionally they miss me. :) Not true...we are little worker bees, so I know it's busy when I am there and busy when I am not there. I have taken a few Tuesdays off this summer in order to take David to some activities that the church was having for preschoolers. I invited some of my friends to join us, and we made a few hours of it at Jump Zone. What a fun place! David loved it and I must admit, I even loved it too...although, my body is telling me today how much I loved it, if you know what I mean! :) My back hurts, I feel out of sorts, and my guess is I just lived it up too much at the bounce place. :) ha! Oh well. It's worth it to spend a day with my little one.
In the afternoon, we took dinner to a couple who just adopted a baby a few weeks ago. The girl and I have been friends for about 7-8 years, we got engaged the same night and were married 2 weeks apart in July of 2001. (She actually got the date I wanted! :)) She is one of the first people I met at FBA and it was just the sweetest privilege in the world to take her dinner. They got their baby after trying for a long while and the Lord opened up a door for them to get a newborn through adoption. He is a sweet little thing, and David overheard me say 'lil punkin' to him and so David calls him Baby punkin'. It's so cute!!!
We wrapped up our day off at swim lessons. We were to blow bubbles last night, but David would rather drink it, instead of blow bubbles. Still learning, but it's fun watching him take it all in and enjoy the water.
Enjoy the days off!


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