Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Dinner Conversations

Since I went to work in January, we have had more meals at our dining room table then ever before. I can think of many reasons why that is the case, but I have deduced they were really all excuses, and not very good ones really. My momma said when I first went back to work that I would be more organized, since I have less time to do everything...well, she was right! With all that goes on to make our house run smoothly, I was going to need a little help with the laundry, cooking, bathing, and cleaning...now, I must confess, my hubby is INCREDIBLE! He helps me out so much and I think after five months of working, we run like a well-oiled machine when it comes to getting everything in order.
So, back to dinner...
I didn't really believe how true it was that dinner around the table sparks great times with your family until I actually have seen it take place in our home. I have always desired as David (and others should God allow) got older, we would always sit around the table, talk, share stories from the day and it would be an incredible time. Well, I have to desire no longer, since it's an actual reality in my home. Now, I am not saying every night it happens, because some nights we go out or to eat with others, but on the nights we are home, it's so nice to sit down, the three of us and eat and catch up. David's dinner conversations are limited, since after all, he is 2...but oh the joy of seeing him tell me about his day - what he ate, what he painted, what books he read, who was at school, who he played with, any accidents (he is good aboute telling you who bit who, who pushed who, who cried...come on, it happens everywhere...I am just glad that biter is under control now! :)) His face tells you even more than his mouth ever could, since he is animated (like momma). I am so thankful for this time. It's sometimes a little hairy, since David does not eat anything, but we do it. He asks to "get down from table" and is polite and thankful for what you give him...again, if it's what he eats and likes.
I am glad I no longer feed him first and then eat with Jeremy...I like it that we all sit down and eat together. Last night stuck in my head because David swapped seats with Jeremy and got on his knees, bent over the table and folded his little hands...just chatting away about the goings-on in his little life. It was precious.
I am so thankful to God for giving us these times!

In Him-


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