Monday, June 19, 2006

My Big Boy

My Big Boy deserves a special post today. He deserves lots of praise! He is for sure a BIG BOY!
David got a big boy bed on Saturday. It's a platform bed from
Ikea. It was fun picking it out and we wanted one that could be on the floor, and had legs that you could put on later. We also wanted to make sure a normal twin mattress fit on it. Sure enough, we found this one. We purchased a mattress at another store and then went to Walmart for some special sheets! Grandma came along for the adventure and we all had a nice day out. Daddy put David's bed together and since he didn't have a great nap, do you know that kid went right to sleep with no problem?? NO PROBLEM what so ever! I was in shock. He woke up only a few times because his bear had fallen off the bed, but he went right back to sleep. I am beginning to think maybe we need to get rid of his nap...
On Sunday he did manage to nap, but only after going back and forth with him. I ended up putting him in the crib, but he cried to be put in his, we moved him and he took a pretty good nap, even came out and told us he was "awake now."
Sunday night proved to be my demise. He was already putting up a fight in general about going to sleep, so we battled for a while over the bed situation. It's hard, since we used to shut the door on him and I thought he would feel more comfortable knowing we were in the living room or nearby, but whether you close it or open it, it doesn't matter, he still comes to it and opens/shuts/cries, whatever. So, I put him in the crib and let him cry it out for a few minutes. He actually went to sleep, so I left him there. In the middle of the night he woke up and wanted to go to his bed, so Jeremy moved him and he slept the rest of the night there.
I so think God spoiled me by allowing him to sleep through the night the first night on his bed! :) I know it will be a matter of training him and taking time each night to do that. I think part of it was it's Sunday night, going to work the next day, and given last week, I think I was having some anxiety about work. It's so's actually annoying. I am even off tomorrow (one of my days off this summer to do fun stuff with the Boo kid), and I just needed time to rest and not think. I know it will all work out...this week is swim lessons!!! WOO HOO!
Also, just when you thought the big boy story had ended...oh, he did something else very big boy-ish. Yep, pottying. That kid did it all by himself! Now, I know that will take more time and training, but the fact he did it by himself is awesome. We (Jeremy and I) did a dance and sang a song and made David feel very special. With the excitement of that, no wonder he didn't want to sleep! :) HA!
We had a wonderful Father's Day weekend and Jeremy got just what he wanted for his day. Golf stuff! David and I had a good time at the golf store with him and had a nice dinner at Olive Garden. It's awesome to see how much David wants to be like Jeremy. He wants to pray like daddy (with head bent over on the new bed and hands folded) and repeats every word that Jeremy says. Oh, and if that just isn't enough for you all (some of you have already stopped reading for fear of throwing up on yourself because my son is so awesome!! :)), but he has learned his first set of scriptures...
Love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and Love neighbor as self.
Now, that's the Greer family version, in case you were wondering (some people get all caught up in the version...that makes me sad). He will learn versions and all that later, the point is he got the scripture. He also does not need to know where it comes from at this time...he will learn it.
I am so excited for him. He is learning new things and becoming the man God wants him to be. I hope all the Daddies out there had a wonderful Father's Day.
Happy Father's Day to my dad (Papaw), to Jeremy's dad (Papa) and to Jeremy.
In Christ-

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Velvet Cowboy said...

Great story... I hope my little girl never grows up!