Friday, July 07, 2006

Happy Birthday Jonathan!

I am writing a Birthday tribute to a sweet little boy named Jonathan. He turned one on Wednesday and he is the joyous blessing of our friends Kaci and Clay. We met Kaci and Clay at Wedgwood Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas, while we were attending seminary there. Kaci worked at the seminary. Neither of us had children then, and Jeremy and I couldn't have found better friends there than these two people. Kaci and Clay were strong Christians, who had been married about a year longer than us and were wise in their ways. When we left Texas, we must have chatted for days about them...we missed them deeply. As the months passed, we got to see them again when Jeremy graduated and we made the trip back to Fort Worth for the big event. We could only have dinner with them, since they were headed out of town, but it was so good to hug their necks and see them...if only for a brief time.
We have not seen them since then, but they are fondly in our hearts, and with the technology of the Internet and Vonage, I can communicate with Kaci all I want! :)
When I got pregnant with David, I knew Kaci and Clay had been trying a while for a baby. I wrote this post back in May about what the Lord called me and Jeremy to do while we were pregnant and Kaci and Clay were one of the first couples we prayed for. Kaci is also the only girl I know who took a pregnancy test and the day of or a day later called to tell me she was expecting. I knew she was...only because she never calls me!!! :) So, when I heard her voice on the answering machine, I just knew it had to be that. I was touched that she thought about calling, honestly.
It has been a pure delight to watch her grow as a mommy this past year. She is very good at it, and I know I am not there to view all her meltdowns, or Jonathan's meltdowns, but I know Kaci and she is a woman with a pure heart. She keeps me challenged.
Clay, Kaci and Jonathan - WE LOVE YOU! Happy First Birthday Big Boy! May the next year of learning be incredible.

In Christ-

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