Wednesday, July 26, 2006

He Has Been There...

It's never fun when your baby is sick! I was home yesterday with my boo since he had a horrible diaper rash that left him screaming bloody murder at every diaper change and then crying for at least 30 minutes afterwards. Nothing was working, so it warranted a call to the nurse at 5:50 AM yesterday and then a trip to the doctor (we were just there last Wed!). We changed the meds he was taking for the sinus infection and then got him some cream for his rash. He has been feeling better, although my emotional side hasn't really gotten out of it yet. I have never cried so hard then I cried the past 36 hours over that rash. Him crying and screaming made me cry, because I knew the pain he was feeling was deep and horrible. His legs would shake, nothing would console him, and he couldn't even sit down because it hurt so bad. I was devastated...and the whole world came crashing in. I wrote in my post yesterday that it is impossible to do everything and do it well, and although I wasn't even trying to do my things well, everything was seeming impossible. I won't's difficult at times being a wife, mom, worker and manage those and then add on having a life with friends, having a passion for women's ministry but having no outlet or time for it, etc. However, with all that said, it's never difficult for long with Jesus. Amen?
I was driving this morning with boo bear and a song came on the know the song...the one that makes you think...and cry. Boo bear noticed me crying and when I was done he asked me, mommy, you done? I said done with what? He said crying. You done crying? Yes, boo, I am done. He said I love you, mommy. Oh, boo, I love you too. I also told him that God loves him too...more than anyone else in this world. He said God loves mommy too? And daddy too? Yep, boo, God loves mommy and daddy too. He loves everyone!
The song "I Have Been There" by Mark Schultz is a great song. I like Mark Schultz and his inspires me and really makes me think. If you have ever heard the song, you can get a visual picture in your head of the daily struggles of people and how Christ has been there...He knows what fear, pain, and sorrow are all about and most importantly He overcame the cross! I never have to worry or think anything is difficult for very long...Jesus has been there! He knows exactly what feelings I have. He knows exactly how much pain I can bear. He knows exactly what I will worry and fret over...and He also knows it won't take me long to turn it over to Him. I can say it wasn't always that way...but in this life, what can be more important than trusting Him?

Philippians 4:19 "And my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus."

In Christ-

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Nicole said...

I really like Mark Schultz' music. I haven't ever heard the one you're talking about but I absolutely love "I Am" and "He Will Carry Me"

eph2810 said...

Yes, He has been there and what a comfort that He leveled the road for us.Yeah - sometimes we take on too much and forget to wait on Him for direction.

Thank you for sharing those people thoughts.