Friday, July 21, 2006


Some of my family is in town from Orlando, since my cousin is playing in a baseball tournament in the area. It's been nice knowing they are nearby. I got to take David to see them on Tuesday and we had such a great time! David ran up to them and gave them hugs and high fives like he knew exactly who they was completely precious. As we sat and watched the rest of the ballgame, had lunch with them, and then came back to their hotel, I realized how much I really miss them. As we said goodbye that day, in hopes of seeing each other again, I was sad. My mind wandered back to a time when I was little...we didn't live close to each other then...they were in Texas and we were in Florida, but during one of their visits to Florida we got to see them. They only had two kids then, my youngest cousin was only a glimmer in their minds, so I could have only been about 11-12 years old. I remember leaving Sarasota and sobbing my eyes out most of the way home. I just really wanted to spend time with them. I missed them. So, when I was leaving them on Tuesday, I got that same feeling in my heart. It was weird to think of that moment all those years ago. It was even more weird that I was having that feeling of missing them so much. I normally get to see them on average about once a year, maybe twice, and I was overcome with emotion of wanting to be with them and see them more.
I don't know what the future holds and where the Lord will have us be...maybe it's Florida, maybe it's not. Wherever it is, I pray that I stay as close as I can through the miles.

Thank you Lord for reminding me how important my family is and how much I miss them.
I love you!

In Christ-


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Anonymous said...

Oh Karen, I need a kleenex after reading this one. You mean so much to us and we miss you bunches! We are so proud of who you've become and the life that you are living. God has trully blessed you with a wonderful family! Can't wait to see you in a few weeks.
Love, Nene