Monday, July 17, 2006


The summer seems like it's just kicking into gear, although it's almost over for the school kids. A teenage girl at church yesterday told me school starts August 14th for her...good golly, that's less than a month away! I then thought that there will come a day (and it's coming soon) where my whole year will be planned around summer vacation. At this juncture in my life, I can plan to go to Disney World in September, when the rates are cheaper and the days aren't as hot, but when my little one goes to school, those days are long gone...unless of course, I homeschool. :) Nothing against homeschool, but just don't believe that God has called me to do it...yet. He may, he very well may, but the agreement with my husband at this given time is I will not as long as we are in the states. Should the Lord call us elsewhere, then I am sure he will equip me to homeschool them, should that be necessary. Now that we got that cleared up...
Summertime feels like the most wrong time to be changing my eating lifestyle, but it seemed like the perfect time to me and Jeremy. So, we started a new plan called Spark People. I have included the link for you, in case you want to check it out. We have been on it for a few days now, and honestly, it's a nice change. It's everything you already know, but it's on the computer and I can keep track of my food and what a healthy range I should be staying in with regards to Carbs, Fat, Protein, and Calories. We are really enjoying it. We have actually found something we like... Yippie!
My family is on their way from Florida today! WOO HOO! My cousin is playing in a baseball tournament and I gotta tell you, I can't be more excited than I am right now about seeing them. It's been over a year since I saw them last. They get pictures of the boo-bear every now and then, but it's nothing like seeing the real thing up close and personal! My cousin and I are 13 years apart and then he and my boo-bear are 13 year apart...weird huh? What's more weird is that my cousin and my son could pass for brothers! Especially with the haircut that boo has right now. Speaking of that, I think it's been 4 weeks now since the haircut, and it's's growing. I am going to have to start putting some gel in it soon... :) hee hee Anyway, I am looking forward to seeing the fam tomorrow, and oh, I have the day off tomorrow...and I have been given permission to leave a little early the rest of the week. WOO HOO! I may get frustrated at times with working...I mean, I know the Lord paved the way for me to work here and ordained it the time for me to work, and He even gave me a huge peaceful heart about it, but it's still hard sometimes to leave my boo bear and not want to do things during the day with friends; but I gotta say, this is a great place to work. They are flexible with me and they push me to be a better worker.
Have a great Monday!

In Christ-

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Midlife Moments said...

Im in the same boad ;) I havent heard of Spark before, but was active on ediets for quite some time...

off to check it out :) I hope you have a wonderful day!