Thursday, April 13, 2006

Easter Week

I love Easter! As a little girl, before knowing and understanding the true meaning of Easter, I would ask my parents to hide eggs...all year round! The plastic ones, of course. I just loved hunting them down. My parents would laugh themselves silly over it and we all still recall those days. Some of the best pictures I have are the ones from Easter. You know the ones...everyone is dressed up, the men look miserable, the ladies look fancy (hats and all) and me, I was the girl in the yellow or pink dress with tights on. Oh yes, not going anywhere without the tights. (Funny story for another day of when I finally rid the pantyhose.)
Those are the pics I treasure. I normally had a basket, goodies in the basket, and a stuffed animal. My mom and I would color eggs and I can even remember coloring them with my grandparents (dad's side) and they hid them too! They lived in the beach house then, and I remember seeing an egg on top of the clock all the way from my bedroom down the hall. (Why do I remember that so vividly?) But, I must say the best Easter joke that my family (all 3 of us) still laugh about is the one Easter that my Mema (dad's mom) forgot it was Easter. At least, that's really what had to have happened... We drove the two hours to see them that weekend (they were no longer in the beach house) and my Mema, the great cook that she was, cooked...are you ready? Hot dogs. The good and big kind, you know, sabretts (sp?). But, was Easter! I will never ever forget the three of us getting in the truck and driving was silent first, until we all looked at each other and busted out laughing. It's a wonder my dad could drive...we were laughing it up the whole way home. Ten plus years later, we still laugh and that will be the precise story my dad reminds me of on Sunday.
Ahh, Easter as a child...that's how it was.
Now that I am older, Easter is much different. What it means to me is different and David hopefully won't even know that Easter is any different than it is right now. Yes, we get pictures done, and yes, he got an Easter outfit, but he isn't all thrilled with it, in fact, he colored it during pictures the other night (long story, don't care to re-live), and yes, we will dye eggs on Saturday (my mom's favorite thing to do) and she even got him an Easter basket filled with some small goodies. He has a party today and an egg hunt tomorrow...but the true meaning of Easter is what we are celebrating. It's nice to have the fun things and to look nice on Sunday, but in the fore front of my mind Sunday will be the reason I come to worship. I am coming Sunday to worship Jesus...the reason we have Easter. It's the Passion Week! At the church we attended in Texas they had four days full of remembering the cross, what Jesus did and what He accomplished. Tonight at Duluth we will have a Tenebrae service. I am really looking forward to it. I can't help but wonder what Jesus could have been thinking those last few days as he entered Jerusalem for the Passover. He knew the cross was coming and at the same time He was doing the Father's will. I am excited thinking about singing how He has risen and shouting "Hallelujah!" (I may not actually be shouting in church, but my soul will be!)
I pray each of you are having a great Holy Week. May you rejoice in the Savior's Love and ultimate sacrifice this Sunday.
God Bless.

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