Friday, April 07, 2006

Where's Jesus?

I think I mentioned in the last post that I like to sing "like I don't need the money." And it's incredibly true. I love to sing...even though I don't think I am all that great at it...more importantly though, I love to worship! The Lord created us to worship! I can't think of a more cool thing at this time than that! To raise my hands to Him is an incredible privilege. To praise Him and thank Him and love Him...there are no words to describe it. It's amazing! I have this one CD by a lady who sang at FBA one time. The song is called "When I think about the Lord" doesn't that just create a good beginning to any sentence? When I sing it, tears come to my eyes and I love to raise my hand and praise Him. Especially when she says "Hallelujah, Thank you Jesus - Lord, You are Worthy, of ALL the glory and ALL the honor and ALL the praise (emphasis added)." David learned the word Hallelujah a few weeks ago and raises his little hands to God when he says it...I guess he watches mommy do it. :) Oh yes Lord, what a beautiful picture that is...we as parents want to be like you Jesus, and our children mimmick us, because they want to be like us. Until he figures out in later years to mimmick Jesus, may David see how to be a follower of Christ through my actions.
Majesty-Passion CD 2005, LOVE IT! When I ask David if he wants to sing to a CD, he says yes, majesty. I love that song and if you have heard it, then you will know where I got my title of my blog from. The song says those words, changed by Your Love, and I knew I could say that whole-heartedly, so that's just some background info regarding that.
Last night David and I were home together and he wanted to read/look at my Bible. He was in a snuggly mood, so of course I let him. We flipped through the New Testament and then to the Old Testament and then he wanted to start at the problem. I taught him the first verse about God creating the "heavens and the earf." That's how he says it...and it's adorable. When we were done I asked if he wanted to get "his" bible. He went to his bookshelf and studied it...I imagine he was thinking 'where is my Bible. There is not one book in here that looks like mommy's'. I was mistaken as the book that I was thinking of is not really a Bible, but a collection of Bible stories and we can write what he thinks of the story and how he feels about it, or questions he may have, etc. I thought we would start it in a year from now when he might be able to respond to a feeling question, but letting him flip through that book was so cool. He saw the Ark and flood. He saw Daniel and the Lion and he saw the Widow opening her hands to the Lord. He put the book down to show me the way that woman lifted her hands to God. (All the while, I am sitting in awe of my little man...) I explained to him that she was giving an offering to God and that's what we should do when we want to praise Him and offer up our life to Him. With that same book in hand this morning on the way to school, he asked me for Jesus. Yeah, I was thinking, what? David asked me "Where's Jesus?" Flipping through his book, he couldn't find Jesus. WOW I began to prod him more for answers and what he wanted was to see Jesus' picture. When we got to school this morning, in the parking lot, I talked to David about how he sees Jesus. He will see Jesus portrayed in story books for kids and in some pictures, but ultimately Jesus is everywhere. His beauty can be seen in the flowers, trees, mountains...all the things we thank Him for on a daily basis. His power can be seen in the storms. We talked all the way to his room about Jesus...

I can't think of a better way to start my day.

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Mandy said...

I think that verse about having the "faith of a little child" takes on more meaning when you watch your own children learn about Jesus. Emma Grace makes me cry (with joy) at how much she comprehends and knows that I don't realize she knows. He is amazing! :)