Monday, April 17, 2006


We had quite an enjoyable Easter weekend. I was able to leave early from work, around 2:45, so that was nice and I was able to get home and surprise David! Saturday, David and I were able to go to the park! I think I was more excited than he was...although, the pictures may tell a different story. :)
Sunday was a blessed day as we attended church and my mom came up to color eggs with David and have a meal with us. It was nice and enjoyable and church was great! He is risen indeed!
I hope each of you had an equally enjoyable weekend.
Much love...

Do you think he is having a good time? I think so... That is the ultimate David face!

There he is going down the slide! There was so much static on the slides that even on the short slides he would come off with his hair stickin' up...and he would shock me!

Easter Sunday! Here we are at the blooming cross. He has the "I'm gonna be 2" face on, which in other words means, I am not going to look at this camera and smile at you! :)

Greer Family Easter 2006 Aren't we cute?

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