Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Friends and Place I visit...

So, as the blogging continues, I feel it's time to tell you a little bit about my sidebar to the left. I have seen very desolate sidebars and very large sidebars, so I will try and keep mine to a minimum. Key word: Try. :)
On to the friends...
Obviously Jeremy is first, since he is the man. He is my second love, Christ being my first, and I am grateful each day for the man he is. Last night we had the most enjoyable time sitting on the couch and talking with no TV and no little one. It reminded me of the good ole days. Oh, and honey, you need to update your blog. :)
My sweet friend Kaci is next and she and I met at Wedgwood while at seminary. She used to work at the seminary before the Lord blessed her and Clay with cute little Jonathan. And he really is a cutie...see the pictures!
Emma, Stacy and Eric are all some of my new friends at Duluth! Emma is a lovely single girl who just got back from Africa like a week ago. She just blogged about it. She got bit by the mission bug - I love it! Stacy has two little girls who adore David and I admire her for all she does at church and home. Eric, well, Eric may just be one of the funniest person I know. His blog is awesome and I love him and Heather! I think they are bit by the mission bug, I am anxious to see what God will do in their lives.
Mandy...I think we are to the point now where I can say "Mandy and I go way back!" We met at FBA, were in a small group together, met boys and got married the same year. Her and Michael are wonderful sweet people and loving Austin, Texas. They have two precious girls.
The next two - Intemann Family and Greenwich Family are missionaries serving overseas. Both of the familes we met in seminary and have had the joy of praying for them as they seek the Lord's direction in serving overseas. Brian Intemann has a special place in my heart...he dropped a box when helping us move and I have never been more grateful for what he broke. :) I didn't really like that thing anyway (I can't mention what he actually broke, because it's possible the person who gave me what broke might read this. :))

On to the places I visit...
Atlanta Braves - this is a given, although, some people have not had the pleasure of being at a game with me! :) I am a huge Braves fan. It started long before I was born, and if you want more details, you can go to the Musuem and Hall of Fame at the stadium and look for Lew Burdette...he's my grandfather.
Blogging Baby is a site I recently found when searching through other blogs. I have found a few articles I liked and decided to bookmark them.
Christian Working Mom is a site I also found recently. I like the topics she facilitates and I agreed to be interviewed for the May newsletter! :)
First Baptist Duluth and First Baptist Atlanta for respective reasons...Jeremy and I serve at Duluth and we met and keep in touch with those at Atlanta.
Georgia Tech Sports - keeps me posted on what Jeremy likes to do. :)
Globe of Blogs - huge site that you can list your blog on...and read a bazillion others when you have time.
IMB, NAMB and Lifeway are on there for resource purposes...we support them through Lottie Moon and Annie Armstrong and are foundations of the Southern Baptist Convention. Lifeway is the ultimate bookstore for us and Jeremy has been able to visit the HQ in Nashville.
Logos Church Website and Blog - Logos Church was started by good friends of ours- Danny and Derik. We have all known each other for a long time and had the privelege of serving in ministry together.
Scrapbooking - my favorite pastime, behind Baseball. :)
Southwestern Seminary - Where Jeremy and I spent our first few weeks and months as a married couple. Jeremy was there a whole year before me, but it was still like experiencing a whole new world when we got there together. Jeremy graduated from there in May 2003 - wow! Three years ago!
Weblogs, Inc. - another place that has lots of blogs to look at.
Google News - all the latest happenings in the world.

So, that's the scoop!
David's birthday is officially tomorrow at 1:01 PM and I am off on Friday. I will do a big post tomorrow for his birthday.
Much love...

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