Thursday, April 20, 2006

He is going to be 2!!!!!

It's been hitting me all week-this sweet kid of mine is going to be 2! I can't believe it! One year till now has gone by fast. I remember thinking right before he turns one how much he will do in this year. And he has done A LOT!
We had a huge first birthday celebration at Grandma's house last year, and began making the transition to some cool toys-like a farm, a tractor that sings Old McDonald, a mower, and a picnic table and wagon. Not to mention the oodles of clothes he was incredible. He looked stylish and had cool toys. At 13 months we successfully moved from the bottle to the cup with no issues. He started thinking about walking about the same time and then at the 14 month mark, he did it. It was July 1st, 2005. We moved to Suwanee a month later and he would begin talking talking talking and never stop. He started to attend a Mother's Day Out program, which saved me during those days when I was sick, and came home with great stories and pictures he created. He took an interest in books right around that time too, and would clean his bookshelf two and three times in a day. He loves a good story and to sit in your lap and read. Both Jeremy and I love that! By Christmas, it was time for a life change and I went to work, which means David started attending big boy school at Johns Creek Baptist Church. Music started playing a role in his life as he had a Music and Movement class before and now could sing me songs and clap and dance to the radio. David is full of life and full of energy...he has his moments, and we are doing the only thing we know to do - PRAY to get us through those times. He is going to be 2....he exudes everything that involves a boy and being 2! I am so grateful for him and I am looking forward to this upcoming year of 2-3.

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SHELIA said...

Hey Karen - Thank you for sending me your BLOG! This will now become one of my weekly traditions (to read your blog). I love all of the pictures of DAVID! He is such a cutie! Give him a kiss for me!

Tell Jeremy I said hello.