Friday, April 14, 2006


I have been promising to post some pictures for the here goes. I am pulling some old ones, so enjoy! As I look back at the pictures, I am amazed at how much David has grown, and at all the people who touch our lives. Jeremy and I have been blessed, actually blessed beyond belief with the people who have crossed our path. This is just a sample of those people. I will do a big write up for David's birthday in two weeks. Much love to you all.

Joshua and Jessica - We miss you! Jeremy and I miss their mom and dad and David was blessed to know these precious children. Joshua used to do this little thing and wave his hands around David's head when he cried. Immediately David would stop crying to watch Joshua. Even if he was being silly, it calmed David down. I miss you all!

David's First Steps-July 2005
He took his first steps at 14 months old and he did it at Grandma's house.

David and Mema Linda - July 2005 - Jeremy's last day at FBA. The Pastoral Care team had a nice send off party for him and David and I got to attend. Mema Linda was one of the first people to know we were having David...she was at the hospital the day after we had him and she has been my support, my cheerleader, and my confidante. I love her, and David loves her too!

I am working myself out of a job...David loves to help with laundry! He likes to help me carry it to the washer. He helps me push the clothes in the dryer, and he likes to push the clothes to the room they belong, folded or not.
He is a great helper! When things aren't done my way, I try not to get frustrated, because him being a helper is something I want to encourage and foster in him.

David and his cousin Meg at Thanksgiving. Meg was the flower girl in our wedding and now she is growing into a beautiful young lady. She is getting taller and taller every time I see her!

I just took this picture a few days ago. This kid loves talking on the phone and he thinks the only person who calls us is GRANDMA! When the phone rings, I say, who is it? David says Grandma. Everytime, without fail. He will talk and ask "Whatcha doin?", even if no one is on the phone. He is so cute!
He amazes me that he recognizes who I am talking to on the phone by the way I am talking.

Here is David yesterday after the egg hunt. Look at that basket!!!! That kid loaded it up! Jeremy and Grandma took him to the egg hunt. He was at the petting zoo part of the event, but saw the eggs on the field...he immediately took off yelling EGGS!!!!! GRANDMA! EGGS!!! Yeah, he likes Easter eggs. He doesn't eat them, just likes finding them. Just like mommy....
So, they cleaned out the candy from the eggs and gave the eggs back to the church...for next year! That kid racked up.
He told me all about the eggs when I got home from work and the animals he saw. It was awesome!

Happy Easter everyone!

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