Thursday, April 06, 2006


If you have been around me for more than a minute, then you must know that I love to laugh! I don't think my laugh is all that great, in fact, at times it might be loud and obnoxious (did I really just say that about myself??), but none the less, if it gets someone else to laugh, then my purpose was completed. Life is just too short to waste it being mad and upset at the world...of course, it's easier said then done in some cases. Laughter stems from joyfulness, since joy lasts forever and happiness doesn't (you do know why, right?) because Joy comes from the LORD! (I bet Joy Walters is reading this right now thinking...yep, I come from the Lord! HA!) Only the Lord can fill you with joy, but happy, that's a feeling...see, I am under the perspective that you can be sad, but still be joyful. Anyone want to go on that debate with me?
Back to laughter...I not only like to make others laugh, but I love a good laugh. I love a great story with a big laugh ending, especially if it involves what the Lord is doing in the lives of His people. I think God has a sense of honest, you know you think that too! The picture of the Lord smiling is one of my favorite pictures! How could he not laugh at some of the silly things we do??? I am not talking about stupid things we do, just silly things.
I think the Lord smiled and laughed the day He chose me to be Jeremy's wife or him to be my husband, however you view it. Jeremy thinks I am the silliest person to walk the planet! (We differ on that occasionally, because if you have met our good friend Eric Henderson, he ranks right up there with silliest person in the universe.)
But seriously, if you saw some of the things I did only in the privacy of our home, you too, would get a good chuckle. I am under the philosophy of "dancing like nobody's watching" and David thinks that mommy is silly doing that...then he normally joins me or tells me to stop. I definately "sing like I don't need the money" because there is NO WAY that someone would pay me to sing, they would pay me to stop singing first. I mean, I can keep with harmony and all, but making up silly songs is the best! (Laughing out loud...) I used to make up this one song to the tune of "Firm Foundation"...we used to sing it at the church we went to in Texas, and I put my own words to it about Jeremy and me and he gets the biggest laugh about that. I haven't sang it in a while, so maybe I will tonight.
I think the Lord smiled and laughed the day David was born...that kid was 9.8 pounds and I had no control over him arriving in this world. I think the Lord smiles and laughs on the days he grants parents more than one miracle at a time. I know several mommies with twins or more, and they all had a good chuckle when the doctor said, uh, yeah, there's 2 or 3 in there!
Laughter is good laugh hard, laugh lots, and laugh often.

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Joy said...

And YES, I DO come from the LORD!!!!!!!